Our Community

Just read a story about how people boycotted a Black Owned Restaurant Out Of business because they serviced a person / group that some do not like nor agree with the views of this person / Group. Will members of your group pay for their OVERHEAD, if they don’t do business or accept payment from this person / Group you HATE?? Will your team give these businesses money to pay their employees and remain open??

What are we, Public going to do when the majority of these Local Black Owned, White Owned, Hispanic Owned, Asian Owned, Middle Eastern Owned Businesses Are ALL Closed Down because of the FEELINGS of a few? Where will the food come from, who will build homes, where will we go to have fun?? If every time a group decides you know what I don’t like the person that he cuts hair For, I don’t like her Salon cause she does her hair, I don’t like them cause so and So shops there, On and On until our communities become GHOST TOWNS because people are SHUTTING DOWN Businesses!

What is your plan, after everyone is SHUT DOWN?



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