Brain Hack

IT’s FINALLY COMING OUT! What are they going to do with ALL those people that were BRAIN HACKED and are locked up from doing things out of their character. And all of those people they diagnosed with DEPRESSION!?! Lol! They have been HACKED not depressed, not loosing their minds, HACKED by other HUMAN BEINGS (Men & Women) with the know how to do it.
These people have HACKED their way into easy access to unlimited amounts of MONEY & POWER thanks to TECHNOLOGY!
They left out, it can be done REMOTELY / APP IN CELL PHONE. Maybe in a few more months they will tell everyone your next door neighbor can hack into your mind and force to to do things out of your character. It’s easier for anyone to take those that live in apartments / close quarters. Panic when you start to feel chills down through your bones!
There aren’t any DOCTORS in place to even recognize when a HUMAN BEING has been HACKED. We are screwed!!! Lol 🙂
We are going to need DETECTORS that can alert people in our home when anyone is trying to hack into our BRAIN!

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