PUTIN Hails The End Of US Dominance In The World

WAKE UP AMERICANS!! RACISM is used to DISTRACT us from what’s really going on!!! OPEN YOUR EYES and MIND to SEE what is building up against US around the WORLD? PEOPLE have found a way to put AMERICANS TO SLEEP with their eyes wide OPEN!!?? https://finance.yahoo.com/video/putin-sees-end-united-states-131437222.html Continue reading PUTIN Hails The End Of US Dominance In The World


USOFA Greats! JONES BEACH, Long Island. State park in the state of NEW YORK. Open Year Round – Field 6 World famous Jones Beach State Park, home of 6.5 miles of beautiful white-sand beach on the Atlantic Ocean, is made up of more than 2,400-acres of maritime environment on the south shore of Long Island. Among the 6 million visitors to the park each year, families enjoy their own piece of the beach for a day, with many returning dozens of times through the summer. Designed on the theme of an ocean liner, Jones Beach offers many activities to those … Continue reading USOFA Greats! JONES BEACH