About us

“We Build Together”!


USOFA Community Foundation, Inc.

USOFA Community Foundation, Inc. LOCAL PEOPLE doing our part for AMERICA. While elected officials work locally and in WASHINGTON, D.C. We work to keep LOCAL AMERICA moving FORWARD, Purposeful, Positive and Productive


  • To help Preserve & Protect United States Of America Locally
  • To promote the best USOFA has to offer
  • To offer solutions that assist Elected Leaders in bettering the USOFA
  • To inform people of the services available in the USOFA Locally
  • To promote Patriotism Locally.

 Mechaele WH  – Director of Operations  – United States of America Community Foundation™, Inc

We are NOT affiliated with MAGA, nor promote any personal or group agenda of any political party or religious organization, we are an independent community organization that works LOCALLY for the GOOD of our Country, Communities & Americans in the United States of America.

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